Microsoft 70-346 Exam

You plan to deploy an Office 365 tenant to multiple offices around the country. You need to modify the accounts that are authorized to administer the Rights Management service. Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run?

  • A. Enable-AadrmSuperUserFeature
  • B. Add-MsolGroupMember
  • C. Add-AadrmRoleBasedAdministrator
  • D. Get-AadrmRoleBasedAdministrator
Answer: Option C.

We need to “modify the accounts that are authorized”. This could mean removing users or adding users. In this question, we add authorized users. In another version of this question, the answer is to remove authorized users.
The Add-AadrmRoleBasedAdministrator cmdlet grants administrative rights to your organization’s Azure Rights Management service, so that administrators you delegate to configure this service can do so by using PowerShell commands

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