Cisco 400-051 Exam

You have implemented 5-digit forced authorization codes to all international route patterns on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Your users report that after entering the FAC codes, they must wait for more than 10 seconds before the call is routed. Which procedure eliminates the wait time?

  • A. Check and eliminate any existing route patterns that overlap with the international route pattern.
  • B. Go to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Service Parameters and reduce the T-304 number to 5000 milliseconds.
  • C. Request your long distance telephone service provider to reduce the call setup time to 5 seconds.
  • D. Configure a # (hash) sign to the end of the forced authorization codes to signal the end of dialing.
  • E. Educate the users to press # (hash) after entering the forced authorization codes.
Answer: Option E.

Because it immediately stops taking digits and route the digits to CUCM, otherwise the call occurs after the interdigit timer expire which is 15 seconds by default.

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