Cisco 646-985 Exam

You are the senior desktop administrator for With your experience, which of the following is likely to be a security pain point highlighted by the chief security officer in a security audit of data center operations?

  • A. Fiber optic cables should be used throughout the data center because they are less vulnerable to interception technology than copper cables.
  • B. Using 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections makes the speed of an attack from outside the corporation a significant security vulnerability, because reaction times to any intrusion must be 10 times faster than it is when using Gigabit Ethernet.
  • C. Security policies are fragmented across the data center, and there is no centralized point of management and control.
  • D. The data center does not need both intrusion detection systems and firewalls because they are complementary technologies and overlap in many respects.
Answer: Option C.

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