Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which two statements describe characteristics of Cisco Unified Border Element high availability, prior to Cisco IOS release 15.2.3T, using a box-to-box redundancy configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. It leverages HSRP for router redundancy and GLBP for load sharing between a pair of routers.
  • B. Cisco Unified Border Element session information is check-pointed across the active and standby router pair.
  • C. It supports media and signal preservation when a switchover occurs.
  • D. Only media streams are preserved when a switchover occurs.
  • E. It can leverage either HSRP or VRRP for router redundancy.
  • F. The SIP media signal must be bound to the loopback interface.
Answer: Option B. D.

Configure box-to-box redundancy when you:
. Expect the behavior of the CSSs to be active/standby (only the master CSS processes flows)
. Can configure a dedicated Fast Ethernet (FE) link between the CSSs for the VRRP heartbeat
Do not configure box-to-box redundancy when you:
. Expect the behavior of the CSSs to be active-active (both CSSs processing flows). Use VIP redundancy instead.
. Cannot configure a dedicated FE link between the CSSs.
. Require the connection of a Layer 2 device between the redundant CSS peers.

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