Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which two services must be enabled on the routing servers when configuring Partitioned Intradomain Federation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco XCP Directory Service
  • B. Cisco XCP Router
  • C. Cisco Presence Engine
  • D. Cisco XCP SIP Federation Connection Manager
  • E. Cisco XCP Connection Manager
  • F. Cisco SIP Proxy
Answer: Option B. F.

Configure the Routing Node
For multi-node chat-only deployments, choose an IM and Presence Service cluster node to act as the routing node. To provide extra capacity for routing, there should be no users assigned to the routing node. The routing node acts as a front- end server, accepting inbound SIP requests from Lync/OCS and routing those requests to the appropriate cluster node that homes the recipient. Note For chat+calling deployments with Lync, and for single-node deployments, you can skip this procedure as there is no need to configure a routing node.
Step 1 From the Cisco Unified IM and Presence Serviceability user interface, choose Tools > Service Activation.
Step 2 From the Server drop-down menu, choose the cluster node that you want to designate as the routing node. The routing node should have no users assigned.
Step 3 Check the Cisco SIP Proxy feature service.
Step 4 Uncheck the following feature services:
Cisco Presence Engine
Cisco XCP Text Conference Manager
Cisco XCP Web Connection Manager
Cisco XCP Connection Manager
Cisco XCP SIP Federation Connection Manager
Cisco XCP XMPP Federation Connection Manager
Cisco XCP Message Archiver
Cisco XCP Directory Service Cisco XCP Authentication Service Step 5 Click Save.
Step 6 Confirm that the CIsco XCP Router network service is running. Because the service is a network service it is running by default, unless you previously disabled it.
Choose Tools > Control Center Network Services.
From the Server drop-down menu, select the routing node and click Go.
If the CIsco XCP Router service is not running, check the corresponding radio button, and click

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