Cisco 200-105 Exam

Which two options are valid WAN connectivity methods? (Choose two.)

  • A. PPP
  • B. WAP
  • C. DSL
  • D. L2TPv3
  • E. Ethernet
Answer: Option A. C.

On each WAN connection, data is encapsulated into frames before it crosses the WAN link. The following are typical WAN protocols:1. High-level Data Link
Control (HDLC): The Cisco default encapsulation type on point-to-point connections, dedicated links, and circuit-switches connections.2. PPP: Provides router-to- router and host-to-network connections over synchronous and asynchronous circuits. PPP was designed to work with several network layer protocols, including
IP.3. Frame-relay: A successor to X.25. This protocol is an industry-standard, switchesdata-link layer protocol that handles multiple virtual circuits

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