Cisco 010-151 Exam

Which three statements about powering down a Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server to perform maintenance or replacement are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. Standby power mode: Power is supplied only to the service processor and the cooling fans, and it is safe to power off the server from this mode.
  • B. Power status LED. Green indicates that the server is in main power mode and can be safely powered off.
  • C. Graceful shutdown: Press and release the power button. The operating system performs a graceful shutdown, and the server goes to standby mode, which is indicated by an amber power status LED.
  • D. Disconnect the power cords from the power supplies in your server to completely power off the server.
  • E. Only an emergency shutdown can be performed using the power button on the server front panel.
  • F. The Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server has only one power mode.
Answer: Option A. C. D.

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