Cisco 200-310 Exam

Which three options are valid Cisco STP tools used to ensure best-practice access layer design for the enterprise campus? (Choose three.)

  • A. Port fast
  • B. UDLD
  • C. Root Guard
  • D. BPDU Guard
  • E. Flex Links
  • F. SPAN
  • G. Ether Channel
Answer: Option A. C. D.

Access layer Limit VLANs to a single closet when possible to provide the most deterministic and highly available topology.
Use RPVST+ if STP is required. It provides the best convergence.
Set trunks to ON and ON with no-negotiate
Manually prune unused VLANs to avoid broadcast propagation.
Use VTP Transparent mode, because there is little need for a common VLAN database in hierarchical networks.
Disable trunking on host ports, because it is not necessary. Doing so provides more security and speeds up Port Fast.
Consider implementing routing in the access layer to provide fast convergence and Layer 3 load balancing.
Use Cisco STP Toolkit, which provides Port Fast, Loop Guard, Root Guard, and BPDU Guard.

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