Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which tag in the SIP header is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager to deliver a blended identity of alpha URI and number?

  • A. x-cisco-callinfo
  • B. x-cisco-service-control
  • C. x-cisco-serviceuri
  • D. x-cisco-number
  • E. x-cisco-uri
Answer: Option D.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports blended addressing of directory URIs and directory numbers. When blended addressing is enabled across the network, Cisco Unified Communications Manager inserts both the directory URI and the directory number of the sending party in outgoing SIP Invites, or responses to SIP Invites. The destination endpoint has the option of using either the directory URI or the directory number for its response—both will reach the same destination.
Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses the x-cisco-number tag in the SIP identity headers to communicate a blended address. When both a directory URI and directory number are available for the sending phone and blended addressing is enabled, Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses the directory URI in the From fields of the SIP message and adds the x-cisco-number tag with the accompanying directory number to the SIP identity headers. The x-cisco-number tag identifies the directory number that is associated with the directory URI.

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