Cisco 650-987 Exam

Which statement represents a key differentiator of the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architecture?

  • A. Cisco maintains a distinct identity by distancing Cisco technology from all other vendors.
  • B. Cisco retains customer lock-in by promoting proprietary standards.
  • C. Cisco maximizes architectural flexibility by ensuring that option are not limited by preconfigured solutions.
  • D. Cisco uses a unifying architecture with policy-based management and provisioning across the layers.
Answer: Option D.

Cisco’s strategy is based on an open and standards-based architecture that brings system-level benefits like performance, energy efficiency, and resiliency, as well as top concerns such as workload mobility and security, into a single unifying architecture. A significant differentiator for this architecture is the ability to have policy-based management and provisioning across the layers—solving a significant operational headache for customers.

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