Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which statement about high availability for XMPP federation in Cisco IM and Presence is true?

  • A. A maximum of two Cisco IM and Presence nodes can be enabled for XMPP federation.
  • B. Cisco IM and Presence load balances outbound requests across all nodes that are enabled for XMPP federation.
  • C. Cisco IM and Presence load balances outbound requests across both nodes that are enabled for XMPP federation in a subcluster.
  • D. The XMPP federation-enabled nodes should have different priorities and weights on the published DNS SRV for proper inbound request node selection.
  • E. A single DNS SRV record that resolves to an XMPP federation-enabled node must be published on a public DNS server for inbound request routing.
Answer: Option B.

High availability for XMPP federation differs from the high availability model for other IM and Presence Service features because it is not tied to the two node sub-cluster model. To provide high availability for XMPP federation, you must enable two or more IM and Presence Service nodes in your cluster for XMPP federation; having multiple nodes enabled for XMPP federation not only adds scale but it also provides redundancy in the event that any node fails.

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