Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which statement about a virtual SNR DN-configured Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express-enabled Cisco IOS router is true?

  • A. Virtual SNR DN supports either SCCP or SIP IP phone DNs.
  • B. A virtual SNR DN is a DN that is associated with multiple registered IP phones.
  • C. Calls in progress can be pulled back from the phone that is associated with the virtual SNR DN.
  • D. The SNR feature can only be invoked if the virtual SNR DN is associated with at least one registered IP phone.
  • E. A call that arrived before a virtual SNR DN is associated with a registered phone, and still exists after association is made, but cannot be answered from the phone.
Answer: Option E.

. Virtual SNR DN only supports Cisco Unified SCCP IP phone DNs.
. Virtual SNR DN provides no mid-call support.
Mid-calls are either of the following:
– Calls that arrive before the DN is associated with a registered phone and is still present after the DN is associated with the phone.
– Calls that arrive for a registered DN that changes state from registered to virtual and back to registered.
. Mid-calls cannot be pulled back, answered, or terminated from the phone associated with the DN.
. State of the virtual DN transitions from ringing to hold or remains on hold as a registered DN.

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