Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which RAS message is used between two gatekeepers to resolve an alias address?

  • A. GRQ
  • B. ARQ
  • C. IRQ
  • D. LRQ
  • E. RRQ
Answer: Option D.

LRQ — These messages are exchanged between gatekeepers and are used for inter-zone (remote zone) calls. For example, gatekeeper A receives an ARQ from a local zone gateway requesting call admission for a remote zone device. Gatekeeper A then sends an LRQ message to gatekeeper B. Gatekeeper B replies to the LRQ message with either a Location Confirm (LCF) or Location Reject (LRJ) message, which depends on whether it is configured to admit or reject the inter-zone call request and whether the requested resource is registered.

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