Cisco 200-150 Exam

Which option would you use to exit the Cisco Nexus Operating System interface configuration mode and return to the exec prompt?

  • A. nexus(config-if)#Ctrl-C nexus#
  • B. nexus(config-if)#Ctrl-Z nexus#
  • C. nexus(config-if)#Ctrl-E nexus#
  • D. nexus(config-if)#exit
Answer: Option B.

“Ctrl-Z Ends a configuration session, and returns you to EXEC mode. When used at the end of a command line in which a valid command has been typed, the resulting configuration is first added to the running configuration file.” os/fundamentals/ configuration/guide/Cisco_Nexus_7000_Series_NX- OS_Fundamentals_Configuration_Guide__Release_4.1_chapter4.html PS. “exit” return to global config only

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