Cisco 700-703 Exam

Which option lists the endpoint groups that are supported in an ACI fabric?

  • A. Bridge domain, VTEPs, IP subnets, virtual ports, and physical ports.
  • B. Bridge domain, VMM, virtual ports, VXLAN, and NVGRE.
  • C. VLANs, IP subnets, physical ports, VXLAN, and NVGRE.
  • D. VLANs, virtual ports, physical ports, VXLAN, and NVGRE.
Answer: Option D.

Endpoint groups (EPGs) group servers or services with similar policy requirements. For example, SharePoint has three tiers that require different behavior on the network: web, application, and database. All SharePoint database servers belong to the same database EPG. Each device inside of an EPG is an individual endpoint. There are several ways to group endpoints to EPGs, which include identifiers like VLAN, VXLAN, and NVGRE tags; physical ports or leaves; and virtual ports using VMware integration. Each EPG is associated to one bridge domain, which should contain the default gateways required by all endpoints in the group.

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