Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which option is a characteristic of the Enhanced Location Call Admission Control mechanism on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  • A. It accounts for network protocol rerouting.
  • B. It accounts for network downtime and failures.
  • C. It supports dynamic bandwidth adjustments based on WAN topology changes.
  • D. It supports asymmetric media flows such that different bit rates in each direction are deducted accordingly.
  • E. Unidirectional media flows are deducted as if they were bidirectional.
Answer: Option E.

Network Modeling with Locations, Links, and Weights
Enhanced Location CAC is a model-based static CAC mechanism. Enhanced Location CAC involves using the administration interface in Unified CM to configure Locations and Links to model the “Routed WAN Network” in an attempt to represent how the WAN network topology routes media between groups of endpoints for end-to-end audio, video, and immersive calls. Although Unified CM provides configuration and serviceability interfaces in order to model the network, it is still a “static” CAC mechanism that does not take into account network failures and network protocol rerouting. Therefore, the model needs to be updated when the WAN network topology changes. Enhanced Location CAC is also call oriented, and bandwidth deductions are per-call not per-stream, so asymmetric media flows where the bit-rate is higher in one direction than in the other will always deduct for the highest bit rate.In addition, unidirectional media flows will be deducted as if they were bidirectional media flows.

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