Cisco 700-703 Exam

Which option describes what is included in the ACI VXLAN header with which all tenant traffic within the fabric is tagged?

  • A. Policy group (source group), forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), destination IP address group, and source IP address group.
  • B. Policy group (source group) forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), load-balancing policy, and telemetry policy.
  • C. Flow mapping of endpoint groups to applications, Layers 3 external identifiers and leaf association of application profiles.
  • D. Destination IP address group source IP address group, forwarding group, load-balancing policy and telemetry policy.
Answer: Option B.

All Tenant traffic within the Fabric is tagged with an ACI VXLAN (VXLAN) header which identifies the policy attributes of the application end point within the fabric “¢ Policy Group (source group)
“¢ Forwarding Group (Tenant, VRF, Bridge Domain)
“¢ Load Balancing Policy
“¢ Telemetry Policy
Reference: 20ACI%20Architecture.pdf

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