Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which option describes how you can show the same contacts in your Jabber for Windows on-premise client as you do on the corporate directory of your IP phone?

  • A. Switch your Jabber client to use UDS instead of EDI.
  • B. Switch your Jabber client to use EDI instead of UDS.
  • C. Update your IM&P server to sync off of the same LDAP directory as your Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • D. Add Jabber to your inbound/outbound firewall rules on your PC.
  • E. Jabber can only pull directly from LDAP and cannot directly search the Cisco Unified Communications Manager user database.
Answer: Option A. 

LDAP contact resolution — The client cannot use LDAP for contact resolution when outside of the corporate firewall. Instead, the client must use UDS for contact resolution.
When users are inside the corporate firewall, the client can use either UDS or LDAP for contact resolution. If you deploy LDAP within the corporate firewall, Cisco recommends that you synchronize your LDAP directory server with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to allow the client to connect with UDS when users are outside the corporate firewall.

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