Cisco 650-987 Exam

Which operational effect does the Cisco UCS “stateless server” deployment model bring to the customer?

  • A. The server administrator can combine the resources of multiple servers.
  • B. It enables easier and faster repurposing of servers.
  • C. Server deployment can be optimized from a power perspective.
  • D. It requires more administrative work on first server deployment.
Answer: Option B.

The stateless computing service allows existing software stacks to be migrated to any available discrete server within the system by creating and deploying what is known as a service profile—exactly recreating the discrete system from which the workload migrated.
A Unified Computing System server can also be pre-provisioned using service profiles to prepare it for a new application to be mounted. This can be used to not only rapidly provision servers, but also to reprovision servers as they are deployed and redeployed from one application type to another.
A service profile is a self-contained logical representation (object) of a desired physical server, including connectivity, configuration, and identity. Each service profile serves a specific purpose, ensuring that the associated server hardware has the configuration, identities, and connectivity to the LAN and
SAN based on the requirements from the applications the server will host. The service profile maintains configuration information about the server hardware, interfaces, fabric connectivity, and server and network identity: the server personality. This includes all of the unique information for the server, including the MAC, WWPN, UUID, boot order, and so forth. The personality information is stored in a format that can be managed through the Cisco UCS Manager. All service profiles are centrally managed and stored in a database on the Fabric Interconnects.
This dynamic provisioning allows for complete infrastructure repurposing.

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