Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which message is used by a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway to send periodic keepalives to its call agent?

  • A. CRCX
  • B. AUCX
  • C. NTFY
  • D. RQNT
  • E. 200 OK
Answer: Option C.

The gateway maintains this connection by sending empty MGCP Notify (NTFY) keepalive messages to Cisco CallManager at 15-second intervals. If the active Cisco CallManager fails to acknowledge receipt of the keepalive message within 30 seconds, the gateway attempts to switch over to the next highest order Cisco CallManager server that is available.
If none of the Cisco CallManager servers respond, the gateway switches into fallback mode and reverts to its default H.323 session application for basic call control support of IP telephony activity in the network.

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