Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which ITU-T recommendation defines the procedures for using more than one video channel in H.320-based systems?

  • A. H.324
  • B. H.230
  • C. H.239
  • D. H.264
  • E. H.329
Answer: Option C.

H.239 is the ITU standard for a second video channel; this is supported by all the major vendors, and is the only content channel standard supported by Cisco acquired Codian products or Cisco TelePresence Serial Gateway Series products on H.323 video calls. Cisco acquired Codian products need to be configured to enable H.239. Any H.323 endpoint that also supports the H.239 protocol can source this channel, as can a VNC connection, though some endpoints need to be configured to use H.239 instead of their proprietary solution.

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