Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which external database software is required for the Cisco IM and Presence compliance feature?

  • A. MySQL
  • B. EnterpriseDB
  • C. MSSQL
  • D. SQLite
  • E. PostgreSQL
Answer: Option E.

The following Cisco Unified Presence features require an external database:
. Permanent Group Chat feature – Cisco Unified Presence supports two types of group chat, temporary (ad-hoc) chat and permanent chat. You do not require an external database for temporary chat to work. However, if you require permanent chat rooms on Cisco Unified Presence, you must configure an external database.
. Instant Messaging Compliance – If you deploy the native Message Archiver (MA) component on Cisco Unified Presence for compliance logging, you require an external database.
Requirements for Configuring an External Database
. Hardware requirements:
A remote server on which you install the PostgreSQL database(s).
. Software requirements:
– Cisco Unified Presence, release 8.x.
– PostgreSQL database, versions 8.3.x through 9.1.1
– You can install the PostgreSQL database on either a Linux or a Windows operating system. See the PostgreSQL documentation for details on the supported operating systems and platform requirements.

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