Cisco 650-987 Exam

Which components are building blocks of a data center? (Choose two.)

  • A. processes
  • B. building systems
  • C. information systems
  • D. financial resources
  • E. infrastructure
Answer: Option C. E.

Before defining what a data center is, let’s take a look at the different domains that make up information technology. The business strategy domain refers to the match an organization makes between its internal resources and skills and opportunities and risks created by the external environment.
Below that, functional or organizational groups define workgroups, processes, standards, and policies. A project is considered an undertaking with a defined starting point and defined objectives by which completion is identified. A process is a specific order of work activities or the task of transforming input into output. Finally, information systems are applications that directly or indirectly define business processes. Infrastructure refers to facilities and permanent components, such as hardware, operating systems, and local and network services.

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