Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager partition will be associated with a directory URI that is configured for an end user with a primary extension?

  • A. null
  • B. none
  • C. directory URI
  • D. default
  • E. any partition that the Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrator desires
Answer: Option C.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports dialing using directory URIs for call addressing. Directory URIs look like email addresses and follow the [email protected] format where the host portion is an IPv4 address or a fully qualified domain name. A directory URI is a uniform resource identifier, a string of characters that can be used to identify a directory number. If that directory number is assigned to a phone, Cisco Unified Communications Manager can route calls to that phone using the directory URI. URI dialing is available for SIP and SCCP endpoints that support directory URIs.

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