Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which Cisco IOS multipoint video conferencing profile is also known as best-effort video on the Cisco Integrated Router Generation 2 with packet voice and video digital signal processor 3?

  • A. homogeneous
  • B. guaranteed-audio
  • C. rendezvous
  • D. heterogeneous
  • E. flex mode video
Answer: Option B.

Three types of video profiles are supported: homogeneous conferences (video switching), heterogeneous conferences (video mixing), and guaranteed audio conferences (best-effort video).
As the name suggests, when Guaranteed Audio Conferences is configured, the system attempts to display video for all participants; however, it does not guarantee that the video of all participants is displayed. For those participants whose video is not displayed, participants are downgraded to audio-only and the profile guarantees preservation of the audio portion of the call. This option gives you added flexibility because the DSPs are not all reserved when the profile is created; the system attempts to reserve them when this profile is activated with an actual conference. For example:
dspfarm profile 1 conference video guaranteed-audio
codec h264 vga
codec h264 4cif

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