Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which call hunt mechanism is only supported by the voice hunt group in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router?

  • A. sequential
  • B. peer
  • C. longest idle
  • D. parallel
  • E. overlay
Answer: Option D.

Parallel Hunt-Group, allows a user to dial a pilot number that rings 2-10 different extensions simultaneously. The first extension to answer gets connected to the caller while all other extensions will stop ringing. A timeout value can be set whereas if none of the extensions answer before the timer expires, all the extensions will stop ringing and one final destination number will ring indefinitely instead. The final number could be another voice huntgroup pilot number or mailbox.
The following features are supported for Voice Hunt-Group:
. Calls can be forwarded to Voice Hunt-Group
. Calls can be transferred to Voice Hunt-Group
. Member of Voice Hunt-Group can be SCCP, ds0-group, pri-group, FXS or SIP phone/trunk
. Max member of Voice Hunt-Group will be 32

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