Cisco 400-051 Exam

Which Call Admission Control mechanism is supported for the Cisco Extension Mobility Cross Cluster solution?

  • A. Location CAC
  • C. H.323 gatekeeper
  • D. intercluster Enhanced Location CAC
  • E. visiting cluster’s LBM hub
Answer: Option C.

Configuring extension mobility cross cluster (EMCC) is nothing you should take lightly. EMCC requires a lot of configuration parameters including the exporting and importing of each neighbor cluster’s X.509v3 digital certificates. EMCC is supported over SIP trunks only. Presence is another feature that’s only supported over SIP trunks. If you want to be able to perform scalable Call Admission Control (CAC) in a distributed multi-cluster call processing model, you will need to point an H.225 or Gatekeeper controlled trunk to an H.323 Gatekeeper for CAC… but if you want to support presence and EMCC between clusters and maintain CAC.

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