Cisco 700-104 Exam

When selling a Cisco Business Edition 6000 solution to a customer that plans to upgrade from an old voice collaboration solution, which three of these are some of the key messages that you would need to present to the customer? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Business Edition 6000 brings all collaboration functionalities on one single server.
  • B. Adding additional collaboration applications can simply be done by adding additional Cisco UCS C-Series servers into the network.
  • C. Cisco Business Edition 6000 reduces the risk of outdated technology and reduces dependency on service providers.
  • D. Cisco Business Edition 6000 simplifies collaboration management by introducing a dedicated II team that is focused on only the collaboration solution.
  • E. Cisco business Edition 6000 lowers collaboration solution costs and the costs of adding new users and functionalities.
Answer: Option A. C. E.

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