Cisco 400-051 Exam

When IP phone A was provisioned in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, 2001 was configured as the directory number for its first line. Also, [email protected] was defined as the only directory URI on the Directory Number configuration page for this line. A few days later, an end user was created in the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager and was associated with the same phone with the primary extension set to 2001. Also, [email protected] was defined as a directory URI for that end user. Which option about the primary directory URI for IP phone A is true?

  • A. [email protected]
  • B. [email protected]
  • C. It depends on which radio button was selected next to the Directory URI entries on the Directory Configuration page.
  • D. Both are primary directory URIs in a manner like a shared line for DNs.
  • E. Neither are primary directory URIs for IP phone A.
Answer: Option B.


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