Cisco 200-105 Exam

When a user attempts to authenticate with TACACS+. Which three responses from the TACACS+ daemon are possible? (Choose three.)

  • B. FAULT
  • D. ERROR
Answer: Option C. D. E.

The network access server will eventually receive one of the following responses from the TACACS+ daemon: a. ACCEPT””The user is authenticated and service may begin. If the network access server is configured to requite authorization, authorization will begin at this time. b. REJECT””The user has failed to authenticate. The user may be denied further access, or will be prompted to retry the login sequence depending on the
TACACS+ daemon.
c. ERROR””An error occurred at some time during authentication. This can be either at the daemon or in the network connection between the daemon and the network access server. If an ERROR response is received, the network access server will typically try to use an alternative method for authenticating the user. d. CONTINUE””The user is prompted for additional authentication information.

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