Cisco 100-105 Exam

When a router makes a routing decision for a packet that is received from one network and destined to another, which portion of the packet does it replace?

  • A. Layer 2 frame header and trailer
  • B. Layer 3 IP address
  • C. Layer 5 session
  • D. Layer 4 protocol
Answer: Option A.

What does a router do with a packet received from one network and destined for another network? The router performs the following three major steps:
De-encapsulates the Layer 3 packet by removing the Layer 2 frame header and trailer.
Step 1.
Examines the destination IP address of the IP packet to find the best path in the routing table.
Step 2.
If the router finds a path to the destination, it encapsulates the Layer 3 packet into a new Layer 2 frame and forwards the frame out the exit interface.
Step 3.

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