Microsoft 70-346 Exam

What should you install first?

You are the Office 365 administrator for your company.
You must use Windows PowerShell to manage cloud identities in Office 365. You must use a computer that runs Windows 8 to perform the management tasks.
You need to ensure that the Windows 8 computer has the necessary software installed.
What should you install first?

  • A. Microsoft Office 365 Best Practices Analyzer for Windows PowerShell
  • B. Windows PowerShell 4.0
  • C. Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell
  • D. Windows Management Framework
Answer: Option C.

Cloud identities in Office 365 are user accounts in Azure Active Directory.
You can use Windows PowerShell to administer Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. However, the default installation of Windows PowerShell on Windows 8 (or any other version of Windows) does not include the PowerShell cmdlets required to manage Office 365 or Azure Active Directory.
You need to install the PowerShell module that includes the necessary cmdlets for managing Azure Active Directory. This module is the Windows Azure Active
Directory Module for Windows PowerShell module. This module also requires that Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is installed and enabled.
Before the Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell, can be installed, the Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant must be installed.
This will allow you to connect to your Office 365/Azure subscription from a PowerShell session on a remote computer.

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