Cisco 700-070 Exam

What is the minimum required room size, in millimeters, foe a one-row system?

  • A. 2438 × 9450 × 9450
  • B. 4572 × 5791 × 2438
  • C. 2438 × 9450 × 6530
  • D. 2438 × 5791 × 4572
Answer: Option B.

The minimum room size of the CTS IX5000 is a recommendation. A TelePresence room smaller than the minimum recommended size might have a less than desired experience for the user. Not only will a room smaller than the recommended size affect the comfort and usability of the room, it also can become an issue with ingress/egress and ADA wheel-chair requirements. Building code regulations must be adhered to as per the local requirements.
• 15′ x 19′ x 8′ (4572mm x 5791mm x 2438mm) – Recommended Room Dimensions, One Row System (Depth x Width x Height)
• 21′ 5.1″ x 31′ x 8′ (6530mm x 9450mm x 2438mm) – Recommended Room Dimensions, Two Row System (Depth x Width x Height)

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