Cisco 200-125 Exam

What is the first step you perform to configure an SNMPv3 user?

  • A. Configure server traps.
  • B. Configure the server group.
  • C. Configure the server host.
  • D. Configure the remote engine ID.
Answer: Option B.

The first task in configuring SNMPv3 is to define a view. To simplify things, we’ll create a view that allows access to the entire internet subtree: router(config)#snmp-server view readview internet included This command creates a view called readview. If you want to limit the view to the system tree, for example, replace internet with system. The included keyword states that the specified tree should be included in the view; use excluded if you wanted to exclude a certain subtree. Next, create a group that uses the new view. The following command creates a group called readonly; v3 means that SNMPv3 should be used.
The auth keyword specifies that the entity should authenticate packets without encrypting them; read readview says that the view named readview should be used whenever members of the readonly group access the router. router(config)#snmp-server group readonly v3 auth read readview

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