Cisco 650-987 Exam

What is the benefit of a converged network?

  • A. easily manages a complex data center
  • B. physically isolates SAN and UN traffic
  • C. provides an independent security policy for each department
  • D. consolidates the infrastructure
Answer: Option D.

The main driver for Unified I/O is virtualization. The number of interfaces and cables drastically increases with server virtualization due to requirements to have redundantly connected multiple segments. With Unified I/O, fewer physical adapters are required; therefore, also the amount of cables reduces.
The unified fabric enables the LAN and SAN connectivity over a single physical link; therefore, the Ethernet or TCP/IP and FC traffic are multiplexed over a single copper or fiber-optic wire. With unified fabric deployment, the number of host adapters and cables is minimized, thereby simplifying the cabling and access layer.
The Unified Fabric Architecture merges the LAN and SAN infrastructure into a single consolidated network and is a significant element in the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage framework.
If we want to deploy and redeploy IT assets across application silos to meet the changing needs of the applications teams, we need to consolidate and virtualize.

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