Cisco 400-051 Exam

What does a comma accomplish when it is used in a SIP Dial Rule pattern that is associated with a Cisco 9971 IP Phone that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  • A. It inserts a 500-millisecond pause between digits.
  • B. It causes the phone to generate a secondary dial tone.
  • C. It is a delimiter and has no significant dialing impact.
  • D. It indicates a timeout value of 5000 milliseconds.
  • E. It is an obsolete parameter and will be ignored.
Answer: Option B.

Comma is accepted in speed dial as delimiter and pause. -Comma used to delineate dial string, FAC, CMC, and post connect digits For post connect digits, commas insert a 2 second delay Commas may be duplicated to create longer delays.

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