Cisco 700-703 Exam

To which layer of the OSI model would the ACI concepts of policy, AEP and physical and VMM domains?

  • A. Physical
  • B. Data link
  • C. Network
  • D. Transport
  • E. Presentation
  • F. Application
  • G. session
Answer: Option B.

An override policy at AEP can be used to specify a different physical interface policy for a VMM domain. This policy is useful in scenarios where a hypervisor is connected to the leaf switch through an intermediate Layer 2 node, and a different policy is desired at the leaf switch and hypervisor physical ports. For example, you can configure LACP between a leaf switch and a Layer 2 node. At the same time, you can disable LACP between the hypervisor and the Layer 2 switch by disabling LACP under the AEP override policy.
The layer 2 is Data link layer

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