Cisco 400-051 Exam

Refer to the exhibit. Which SIP message header is used to tunnel QSIG messages across the SIP network when the OGW receives a call bound for the TGW?

  • A. Content-TypE. application/sdp
  • B. Content-TypE. application/qsig
  • C. Content-TypE. message/ISUP
  • D. Content-TypE. message/external-body
  • E. Content-TypE. application/x-q931
Answer: Option B.

Tunneling over SIP
The Cisco gateway receives QSIG messages from the PBX side and then identifies the destination of the message (or call). The QSIG messages received from the PBX are encapsulated within SIP messages as Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) bodies and are sent (tunneled) across the IP network to the recipient gateway.
When encapsulating a QSIG message (for switch type primary-qsig) inside a SIP message, Cisco gateways include the QSIG message in a MIME body of the SIP request or response using media type
Content-Type: application/QSIG

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