Cisco 400-051 Exam

Refer to the exhibit. Which option describes how this Cisco IOS SIP gateway, with an analog phone attached to its FXS port, handles an incoming informational SIP 180 response message without SDP?

  • A. It will enable early media cut-through.
  • B. It will generate local ring back.
  • C. It will do nothing because the message is informational.
  • D. It will terminate the call because this is an unsupported message format.
  • E. It will take the FXS port offhook.
Answer: Option B.

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) feature allows you to specify whether 180 messages with Session Description Protocol (SDP) are handled in the same way as 183 responses with SDP. The 180 Ringing message is a provisional or informational response used to indicate that the INVITE message has been received by the user agent and that alerting is taking place. The 183 Session Progress response indicates that information about the call state is present in the message body media information. Both 180 and 183 messages may contain SDP, which allows an early media session to be established prior to the call being answered.
Prior to this feature, Cisco gateways handled a 180 Ringing response with SDP in the same manner as a 183 Session Progress response; that is, the SDP was assumed to be an indication that the far end would send early media. Cisco gateways handled a 180 response without SDP by providing local ringback, rather than early media cut-through. This feature provides the capability to ignore the presence or absence of SDP in 180 messages, and as a result, treat all 180 messages in a uniform manner. The SIP—Enhanced 180 Provisional Response Handling feature allows you to specify which call treatment, early media or local ringback, is provided for 180 responses with SDP.

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