Cisco 200-125 Exam

Refer to the exhibit. The speed of all serial links is E1 and the speed of the all Ethernet links is 100Mb/s. A static route will be established on the Manchester router to the direct traffic toward the internet over the most direct path available. What configuration on the Manchester router will establish a router toward the internet for traffic that originates from workstation on the Manchester LAN?

  • A. ip route
  • B. ip route
  • C. ip route
  • D. ip route
  • E. ip route
  • F. ip route
Answer: Option F.

We use default routing to send packets with a remote destination network not in the routing table to the next-hop router.
You should generally only use default routing on stub networks–those with only one exit path out of the network.
According to exhibit, all traffic towards Internet that originates from workstations should forward to Router R1.
Syntax for default route is:
ip route <Remote_Network> <Netmask> <Next_Hop_Address>.

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