Cisco 400-051 Exam

Refer to the exhibit. From this NFAS-enabled T1 PRI configuration on a Cisco IOS router, how many bearer channels are available to carry voice traffic?

  • A. 91
  • B. 92
  • C. 93
  • D. 94
  • E. 95
Answer: Option E.

A T1 circuit typically carries 24 individual timeslots. Each timeslot in turn carries a single telephone call. When a T1 circuit is used to carry Primary Rate
ISDN one of the timeslots is used to carry the D channel. A single Primary Rate ISDN circuit is thus sometimes described as 23B + D. There are 23 bearer channels carrying voice or data, and one D channel carrying the Common Channel Signaling. In this case, there are 96 total channels in the group, but only 1 will be needed for use as the D channel, leaving 95 available for bearer channels.

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