Google Ads Apps Certification

Jasmeet’s A Marketer For Healthcare Brand Pharma Unite. She’s Been Asked To Oversee A Google App Campaign That Started Running Two Months Ago, And She Learns The Assets Haven’t Been Updated Since Launch. What Two Things Should Jasmeet Do Next? (Choose Two.)

  • Review the asset report, but wait another two months before taking action – it’s too soon to know how well the existing assets are performing.
  • Review the campaign’s existing assets to see if enough types and sizes exist for good ad coverage, and if the existing assets meet the recommended standards for quality.
  • Review the asset report as a frame of reference, then immediately remove all existing assets and start fresh with new ones. After two months, the existing assets are stale and need to be replaced.
  • Review the asset report to see which assets are low-performing, and gradually swap them out for new ones.

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