Cisco 400-051 Exam

In a SIP REFER-based call transfer, which SIP message is being used by the recipient to notify the originator that the final recipient was successfully contacted?

  • A. 200 OK
  • B. NOTIFY with a message body of 200 OK
  • C. 202 Accepted
  • D. 100 Trying
  • E. 200 BYE
Answer: Option B.

The Refer method always begins within the context of an existing call and starts with the originator. The originator sends a Refer request to the recipient
(user agent receiving the Refer request) to initiate a triggered Invite request. The triggered Invite request uses the SIP URL contained in the Refer-To header as the destination of the Invite request. The recipient then contacts the resource in the Refer-To header (final-recipient), and returns a SIP 202 (Accepted) response to the originator. The recipient also must notify the originator of the outcome of the Refer transaction–whether the final-recipient was successfully or unsuccessfully contacted. The notification is accomplished using the Notify Method, SIP’s event notification mechanism. A Notify message with a message body of SIP 200 OK indicates a successful transfer, while a body of SIP 503 Service Unavailable indicates an unsuccessful transfer. If the call was successful, a call between the recipient and the final-recipient results.

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