Cisco 100-105 Exam

Drag the appropriate device icons to the labeled Device

This topology contains 3 routers and 1 switch. Complete the topology.
Drag the appropriate device icons to the labeled Device
Drag the appropriate connections to the locations labeled Connections. Drag the appropriate IP addresses to the locations labeled IP address
(Hint: use the given host addresses and Main router information) To remove a device or connection, drag it away from the topology.
Use information gathered from the Main router to complete the configuration of any additional routers. No passwords are required to access the Main router. The config terminal command has been disabled for the HQ router. The router does not require any configuration.
Configure each additional router with the following:
Configure the interfaces with the correct IP address and enable the interfaces. Set the password to allow console access to consolepw
Set the password to allow telnet access to telnetpw
Set the password to allow privilege mode access to privpw
Note: Because routes are not being added to the configurations, you will not be able to ping through the internetwork.
All devices have cable autosensing capabilities disabled.

All hosts are PC’s –
Select and Place:

Correct Answer

(1) Configure two routers on the left and right with these commands:

Router1 = router on the left –
(2) Assign appropriate IP addresses to Fa0/0 & Fa0/1 interfaces:

Router1>enable –

Router1#configure terminal –

Router1(config)#interface fa0/0 –
Router1(config-if)#ip address

Router1(config-if)#no shutdown –
Router1(config-if)#interface fa0/1
Router1(config-if)#ip address

Router1(config-if)#no shutdown –
(3) Set passwords (configure on two routers)
+ Console password:
Router1(config-if)#exit Router1(config)#line console 0 Router1(config-line)#password consolepw Router1(config-line)#login Router1(config-line)#exit
+ Telnet password:

Router1(config)#line vty 0 4 –
Router1(config-line)#password telnetpw

Router1(config-line)#login –

Router1(config-line)#exit –
+ Privilege mode password:
Router1(config)#enable password privpw
Save the configuration:

Router1(config)#exit –
Router1#copy running-config startup-config
(4) Configure IP addresses of Router2 (router on the right)

Router2>enable –

Router2#configure terminal –

Router2(config)#interface fa0/0 –
Router2(config-if)#ip address

Router2(config-if)#no shutdown –
Router2(config-if)#interface serial0/0
Router2(config-if)#ip address
Router2(config-if)#no shutdown

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