Cisco 200-310 Exam

Characterizing an existing network requires gathering as much information about the network as possible. Which of these choices describes the preferred order for the information-gathering process?

  • A. site and network audits, traffic analysis, existing documentation and organizational input
  • B. existing documentation and organizational input, site and network audits, traffic analysis
  • C. traffic analysis, existing documentation and organizational input, site and network audits
  • D. site and network audits, existing documentation and organizational input, traffic analysis
Answer: Option B.

This section describes the steps necessary to characterize the existing network infrastructure and all sites. This process requires three steps:
Step 1. Gather existing documentation about the network, and query the organization to discover additional information. Organization input, a network audit, and traffic analysis provide the key information you need. (Note that existing documentation may be inaccurate.)
Step 2. Perform a network audit that adds detail to the description of the network. If possible, use traffic-analysis information to augment organizational input when you are describing the applications and protocols used in the network.
Step 3. Based on your network characterization, write a summary report that describes the health of the network. With this information, you can propose hardware and software upgrades to support the network requirements and the organizational requirements.

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