Cisco 700-070 Exam

  • What should you do when upgrading an existing immersive room to an IX5000?

    • A. replacing all lighting
    • B. replacing all carpeting or flooring
    • C. repainting the room if mounted items are removed
    • D. removing acoustic tiles
    Answer: Option C.

    No answer description available for this question

  • What is the proper order of steps for installing an IX5000?

    • A. Perform cable routing, install display frames, install tabletops, and install the codec.
    • B. Install tabletops, perform cable routing, install display frames, and install the codec.
    • C. Install display frames, install the codec, perform cable routing, and install tabletops.
    • D. Install display frames, install tabletops, perform cable routing, and install the codec.
    Answer: Option C.

    Installation Quick Reference
    1. Move material and unpack (2 people required)
    2. Install the lower display frames (2 people required)
    3. (Systems that include seismic brackets only) measure, drill for, and install the seismic brackets (see the “Installing the Seismic Bracket” chapter on page C-1) (2 people required). Note that this step adds extra time to the installation.
    4. Install the upper display frames (2 people required)
    5. Install the cable runner
    6. Install the upper crossbars, rear kick plates, and toe caps
    7. Install the codecs, PDUs, subwoofer, speakers, and optional endpoint switches into the endpoint structure Note: The switches in the endpoint structure are optional items. The switches in the table legs to connect the Touch 10 device(s) are required for the Touch 10 device(s).
    8. Install the table legs and electronic equipment (Ethernet/power modules for table legs, microphone connector (MC), PoE switch) for the front row table, and begin cabling procedures for the table (2 people required for some steps)
    9. Perform cable routing for all installed equipment (codecs, PDUs, subwoofer, and speakers for the endpoint structure, and power/ laptop connectivity and PDUs for the table legs) AND place the cables for the light panels and camera
    10. Install the displays, light panels, and camera, including cabling
    11. Install the front kick plates and toe caps
    12. Installl the front row tabletops (2 people required)
    13. Install and cable the microphone bars, mute buttons, retractors/presentation cables
    14. (IX5200 systems only) install and cable the second row table (2 people required for some steps)
    15. Install the PET, fascias, display trim and thermoformed outer panels (2 people required)
    16. Install software, register endpoint to Unified CM, perform first-time setup, run test calls
    17. Room cleanup

  • If a single microphone fails, you should first test cabling between which two points?

    • A. the TDM and the codec
    • B. the microphone bar and the Touch 10
    • C. the microphone bar and the codec
    • D. the microphone bar and the TDM
    Answer: Option D.

    If the problem affects all mic bars, check the cabling between the TDM and the codec (the TDM is located in the first and, if applicable, second row cable management panels). If the problem is with a single mic bar, check the cabling between the mic bar and the TDM.

  • How many presentations can be shared in a direct IX5000-to-IX5000 call?

    • A. two
    • B. three
    • C. four
    • D. one
    Answer: Option A.

    On an IX-to-IX point-to-point conference, you can share up to two presentation streams – for example, one presentation content source and one whiteboard source.
    If hosting a meeting locally with no videoconferencing, you can share up to three presentation streams.

  • Where can you find packet-transmission statistics?

    • A. Monitoring > Maintenance
    • B. Monitoring > Network Data
    • C. Monitoring > Statistics
    • D. Monitoring > Call Info
    Answer: Option B.

    Use the Network Data section to view packet transmission statistics collected from the network. Data is listed in columns labeled as if you were looking at the back of the system. For example, on an IX5000, the labels would indicate statistics from the left, center, and right codecs.
    To monitor network statistics:
    Step 1 In the Monitoring page, scroll down to Network Data. Your network data appears

  • Which Configuration > Network button restores original settings?

    • A. Apply
    • B. Undo
    • C. Reset
    • D. Restart
    Answer: Option D.

    When you make any change to a Configuration > Network field, the Restart and Apply buttons at the bottom of the page are activated.
    Step 3 Click Restart to restore the original settings.
    Step 4 Click Apply to register new or modified settings.

  • What is the maximum image resolution of the 4K UHD camera display in the IX5000?

    • A. 1080p60
    • B. 1280p60
    • C. 1080p30
    • D. 720p30
    Answer: Option A.

  • Which two options are available on the Touch 10 Home screen? (Choose two.)

    • A. Share presentations locally.
    • B. Add directory contacts.
    • C. Modify system settings.
    • D. Place and receive calls.
    • E. Modify network settings.
    Answer: Option A. D.

    Place and receive calls, join meetings, and share presentations locally from the Home Screen

  • What should you do first when Self View display issues occur?

    • A. Close and re-open Self View.
    • B. Use the Setup wizard to repeat system setup.
    • C. Close and re-open the share tray.
    • D. Power-cycle the system.
    Answer: Option A.

    No answer description available for this question

  • Which two options does the user control? (Choose two.)

    • A. noise cancellation
    • B. screen resolution
    • C. camera image balance
    • D. self view
    • E. DTMF tones
    Answer: Option D. E.

    No answer description available for this question

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