200-201 Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals (CBROPS)

An engineer received an alert affecting the degraded performance of a critical server. Analysis showed a heavy CPU and memory load .
What is the next step the engineer should take to investigate this resource usage?

  • A . Run “ps -d” to decrease the priority state of high load processes to avoid resource exhaustion.
  • B . Run “ps -u” to find out who executed additional processes that caused a high load on a server.
  • C . Run “ps -ef” to understand which processes are taking a high amount of resources.
  • D . Run “ps -m” to capture the existing state of daemons and map required processes to
    find the gap.
Answer: Option C.

Reference: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/62182/please-explain-this-output-of-ps-ef-command

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