300-420 Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD)

An architect is working on a design to connect a company’s main site to several small to medium-sized remote branches. The solution must include redundant WAN links, but the customer has a limited budget and wants the ability to increase the link speed easily in the future. QoS will run on the branch routers so there is no need for consistent end-to-end QoS. Which solution does the architect propose?

  • A. dual-homed WAN MPLS with single edge router
  • B. dual-homed Internet with a single edge router running a site-to-site VPN topology
  • C. dual-homed WAN MPLS and Internet links via dual edge routers
  • D. dual-homed Internet with dual edge routers running a hub-and-spoke VPN topology
Answer: Option B.

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