Cisco 200-125 Exam

A network interface port has collision detection and carrier sensing enabled on a shared twisted pair network. From this statement, what is known about the network interface port?

  • A. This is a 10 Mb/s switch port.
  • B. This is a 100 Mb/s switch port.
  • C. This is an Ethernet port operating at half duplex.
  • D. This is an Ethernet port operating at full duplex.
  • E. This is a port on a network interface card in a PC.
Answer: Option C.

The only time that CSMA/CD (carrier sense medium access with collision detection) is ever needed is when the medium is shared by all devices. In this situation, devices can never send and receive at the same time; they must operate in half-duplex mode. The bitrate is irrelevant.

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