Cisco 650-987 Exam

A customer requires scalable server connectivity with multiple adapters for a VMware virtualizedserver environment. Which solution best addresses these requirements?

  • A. Use servers with multiple Ethernet NICs and iSCSI for shared storage access.
  • B. Use Cisco C-Series servers with a Cisco UCS P81E Virtual Interface Card
  • C. Use servers with multiple Ethernet NICs for UN and multiple FC HBAs for SAN connectivity.
  • D. Use servers with two 10GE NICs and NFS for shared storage access.
Answer: Option B.

The Cisco UCS VIC M81KR Virtual Interface Card is a type of adapter, or mezzanine card, available in a Cisco UCS blade server that directly supports virtualization. It supports NIC virtualization for either a single operating system or for VMware ESX. Inside a single operating system, each VIC is presented as a physical adapter. For VMware, a special feature allows the VIC to be presented directly to the guest operating system, bypassing the VMware virtual switch layer. This allows efficiency and also allows the Cisco UCS to reconfigure network infrastructure if virtual machines migrate between ESX server instances on different blade servers.
The UCS M81KR Virtual Interface Controller (VIC) for the Unified Computing System blade series has now been complemented by the UCS P81E Virtual Interface Card for use with Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers.

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